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Dr. J. Yuvaraj

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Name: Yuvaraj J.

Designation: Scientist G

Division: Health Systems Research

Area of research(s): VPD, VBD, MCH, Surveillance, Tribal Health and Clinical Trials


  • Contact: +91-44-26136210
  • Email:
  • Office: ICMR-National Institute of Epidemiology (NIE), Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Completed projects (Extramural):

  • A Household cohort in the MRHRU field practice area for Non-Communicable Diseases and risk factors, health seeking behaviour, morbidity and mortality patterns – Rural Cohort at Kalloor.
  • Improving health and nutritional status of vulnerable segment of population by implementing multi-component health and nutrition education intervention as a sustainable model of intervention – An ICMR Task Force Study.
  • Risk factors and characterization of cervical dysplasia among women beedi rollers of reproductive age group in Mukkudal Town Panchayat, Tirunelveli.
  • Improving case detection and diagnosing the etiology of infectious fevers at primary health care settings under IDSP in Tirunelveli District- An Operational Research study.


Completed projects (Intramural):

  • Determinants affecting adherence to iron folic acid supplementation among adolescent girls in Kallur PHC area
  • Psychosocial Problems of Breast Self-Examination in Women in the Reproductive Age Group in the area of PHC Kallur
  • VARISHTA NAGARIK SABHA"as a Sustainable Model of Community Based Rehabilitation to Enhance Quality of Life of Aged in Rural Areas


Ongoing projects (Extramural):

  • Study of feasibility in establishing a Stroke Surveillance and Management System through Community involvement and Technology Use in Rural Tirunelveli (MRHRU Field Practice Area)
  • Development of a community level intervention module for physical illness in patients with psychiatric illness
  • Establish serial serosurveillance to monitor the trend of SARS-CO-V 2 , Dengue and Chikungunya infection transmission in the general population India – A Multicentric study.


Ongoing projects (Intramural):

  • Prevalence of Ocular Morbidity and Identifying the Surrogate Indicators Among School Going Children in Kallur PHC Area.
  • Otitis media in school going children and their health seeking behavior in Kallur PHC area
  • Psychosocial Problems Among School going Adolescents in a Rural Area
  • Social and Personal factors affecting leprosy in the rural community of Tirunelveli
  • Etiological Profile and Antimicrobial Resistance among individuals with Urinary tract Infection attending Kallur Primary Health Centres
  • Cohort of children attending schools in the MRHRU field practice area for morbidity and mortality patterns, risk factors and health seeking behavior
  • Training of School Teachers as mode of early Identification of Neuro-Developmental Disorders Among Primary School Children in Kallur
  • Effectiveness of Training for school teachers in early Identification of skin disorders among primary school attending children - An Experimental study
  • Serial Maternal Hemoglobin estimations during antenatal period as an indicator of Foeto-Maternal outcome-a cohort study in South Tamilnadu during 2018-19
  • Risk Prediction for Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes based on Bateman's Obstetric Co-morbidity Index in Indian Population
  • Socio cultural and drug related factors associated with adherence to Iron folic acid supplementation among pregnant women
  • Effectiveness of structure training of school going children in hand washing practice in improving hand hygiene


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